Your One Stop Fashion Shop, From
Fabric to Finished Garment

As one of the leading garment manufacturers in Delhi NCR, our vertically integrated operations are dedicated to turning out best quality knitted garments. Our world-class manufacturing facilities and exclusive ancillary units seamlessly deploy streamlined processes to excel in all aspects of garment manufacturing.



Error free yarn is woven flawlessly into knitted fabric to suit customer requirements and latest industry trends at our exclusive ancillary knitting facilities. Latest technology and an array of latest Flat and Circular knitting machines produce a variety of knit finishes in any form or structure.


Our ancillary Dyeing Unit deploys best-in-class dyeing and bleaching techniques and latest technologies like computerised data colour matching and temperature-controlled dyeing systems to achieve the desired colours and colourfastness.

The fabric is then put through a stringent compacting process to ensure the required shrinkage, width, spirality and GSM as per customer specifications. We also specialize in a wide range of garment finishes like Acid wash, CPD, Dip Dyeing, Tie & Dye, Crinkle Wash, Burnout Wash, Stonewash and Enzyme Wash.


Our Printing Unit adds glamour to our fabric and apparel by flawlessly printing intricate, multi-colour, multi-texture designs and ensuring that the imprints bonds perfectly with the textile to resist washing and friction.


Exquisite embroidery, both machine-based and handcrafted, is a hallmark of Knitfabs garments. An array of latest and sophisticated multi-head embroidery machines enables us to produce elegant and impeccable patterns with speed and efficiency.

Our trained and skilled embroidery professionals are the epitome of finesse and craft. They value add to our products by individually embellishing each garment with fascinating designs and perfect needlework. Using a variety of threads, sequins and beads as also applique and patchwork they create that quintessential Knitfabs elegance and aesthetic appeal.


A remarkable synthesis of manual expertise and latest machines, our cutting department is the backbone of our operations. Handling high volumes with speed, it enables us to deliver 25,000 perfectly shaped garments per day and ensure minimum wastage to create a cost advantage and environmental sustainability.

As one of the top garment manufacturers in Delhi, our cutting techniques and streamlined processes are geared for cutting all kinds of fabric taking into account important aspects such as texture and thickness. Our state-of-the-art Band Knife cutting machines allow us to cut fabric evenly and accurately.


At Knitfabs, every stitch is a labour of love. Our sewing unit’s proficiency guarantees that the end-user will never have to bother about that ‘stitch in time.’ Our team of experienced garment makers undertakes a wide range of intricate stitching styles to cater to client requirements internationally. Our product centric and dedicated sewing production lines deploy intelligent and digitalized equipment and more than 700 latest machines from top global brands.

Holding a prominent position among the top clothing manufacturers in India, we offer efficient and swift stitching of garments for both small and bulk orders. Stringent in-line and end-of-line quality inspection ensures perfect stitching of every piece.


latest machines from top global brands


The final phase of the production process comprising minute final stage checking, finishing and packaging is as much a part of our quest for perfection as design and manufacturing.

As one of the leading garment exporters in India, our sophisticated washing facilities deploy eco-friendly washing processes. A dedicated and trained finishing team puts every Knitfabs garment through ironing, thread cutting, labelling etc. A final quality inspection identifies any defective pieces, rejecting or remedying them as required. The error-free and contamination-free products are then delicately packed and sealed ready for shipment across global supply chains. We also incorporate any custom packing instruction that a client may desire.


Inhouse Sampling

Our inhouse sampling team plays a pivotal role in maintaining Mectech Knitfabs’ standing as a supplier of choice for international brands. Be it designs, fabric material quality, proto-sampling, size or fit, we as one of the top clothing manufacturers in Delhi undertake astute sampling for every aspect of production from the garment conception stage through to shipment to deliver flawless apparel that meet all customer standards and requirements.